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NICU Sessions

My daughter was born 6 weeks and 1 day premature.  She spent nine days in the NICU.  These were the longest nine days of my life, but they are nothing compared to the weeks and months some families face in the NICU.  There are no words to describe the pain felt when you leave the hospital without your baby.  My experience has motivated me to become involved in advocating and raising awareness about premature birth.  In addition I am happy to offer complimentary photo sessions for families in the NICU in the Portland, OR area.  If you have a baby in a Portland area NICU, or have recently brought a baby home from the NICU, and are interested in a photo session please contact me through the services page above to arrange a time.  For a session inside the NICU I will be present as your guest, not as a hospital vendor.  I will have to abide by all visitor rules your NICU has in place, and I am happy to help contact your NICU to determine what is and is not allowed.  Best wishes to your family and your little fighter.

I am happy to announce that I am now a volunteer photographer with the organization Preemie Prints!  If you are a NICU family or know a NICU you may now request a complimentary session either directly through my website, or through Preemie Prints. 

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